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Michigan is a great state to work, play, visit, and live. There’s something here for everyone, whether you love the bustling city or you prefer to spend time with Mother Nature. Its home to the amazing great lakes that are both dazzling blue and magnificent. Whether you find yourself in Detroit catching a Tigers game or in the Upper Peninsula enjoying the beautiful Lake Superior and Pictured Rocks cliffs, you’ll be guaranteed to have an amazing time in this picturesque state of Michigan.

Here at Michigan Limo, our mission is to offer you an amazing fleet of limousines and limousine buses to get you around this marvelous state. Whether you’re following a strict schedule, or you’re up to suggestions from our knowledgeable drivers, you’re going to have a great time without any worries. Our employees are passionate about their business, as well as in the know about the limousine and party bus rental services, so you’ll always be informed about our services. You’ll be guided through the booking process quickly and easily, and you’ll be left with an amazing party bus or limousine experience in the end.

Are you ready to make your reservation today, or do you want to know more about our amazing fleet? Contact us today by phone or email, and we’d be glad to help set you up in a Michigan party bus.

20 Passenger Escalade

20 Passenger Escalade

34 Passenger Limo Bus

34 Passenger Limo Bus


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Sporting Events/Concerts

There’s nothing better than a sporting event or concert at Comerica Park, Little Caesar's Arena, or Ford Field in Detroit, or the U of M or MSU campuses, or any other venue across the state, make a great experience even better with a party bus or limousine rental for the night!

One of the greatest benefits to renting one of our vehicles for your sporting events and concerts is that you will not have to worry about the traffic on the way there. Your chauffeur knows the shortcuts to get to the venue on time and beat the rush, but you might even enjoy being stuck in traffic with all that entertainment at your fingertips!

When you arrive at the concert, you can skip looking for a parking and simply enjoy being dropped off right at the door. You'll feel like an absolute VIP and for good reason! When the show is over, yet again you can just board the bus and head back out to continue your party! You can party on the bus or head out to the bars for a fabulous time!

Finally, the ride home is a breeze because you aren't the one driving, our pro chauffeur is! You can just keep sipping that cocktail and recount how amazing the concert was while you indulge in some fantastic conversation with your good friends. If you're out with friends out of state check out Party Bus Memphis or party bus rentals baltimore. If you're in Milwaukee check out Limo Rentals Milwaukee.


This is a very special day, so make sure you put it in the hands of a company who has the expertise to make it go on without a hitch. We specialize in weddings, and we’ve been providing service to them for years.

We offer special wedding packages that include decor and champagne, so if you would love to have your vehicle decorated and with your champagne already chilled at the built-in bar, just let us know!

We feature stunning vehicles that are just perfect for your elegant nuptials, and if you're doing pre-wedding celebrations such as bridal showers, bachelor parties, or bachelorette parties, we have vehicles that are ideal for those too.

If you're the blushing bride, may we suggest a spa day with your girlfriends? There's nothing like heading out to multiple salons and spas, plus exciting shopping destinations in our area, all with plenty of room in the vehicle to stash your purchases, and of course something delicious to sip while you're in between pampering destinations!

There is no more elegant way to celebrate your nuptials than with one of our beautiful vehicles getting you from place to place!

School Dances

You and your teenager may not agree on many things, but we offer an easy solution to please everybody. Renting a party bus or limousine for your child’s next school dance ensures they’re not being driven around by an irresponsible teenager during a busy night.

You know that you're in for a worry-free night with a professional chauffeur behind the wheel, but all your teens know is that they are living in the lap of luxury and that you are the best parent ever! When else do you get the chance to score brownie points with your kids while also treating yourself?

Those big nights in a teen's life, like prom and graduation, can be very stressful for parents who worry about distracted driving or texting and driving. Those are simply non-issues when you send your teens out with us because they will not be the ones behind the wheel.

If budget is an issue, splitting the cost among the other parents is always an option, and most of them will be happy to chip in, knowing that they will be guaranteed the same worry-free night that you'll be enjoying!

Some of our Vehicles

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